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  1. 69hemibeep

    To our brothers in Florida.

    ACME is OK
  2. 69hemibeep

    if you live in these stats look out

    Yep I stay on top of it since they are next door. Disturbingly a few states back east are automatically adopting California laws now
  3. 69hemibeep

    Ammeter wires oh so hot!

    Like said above inspect the ammeter the fiber board(forgot what its called) and studs will cook and get loose. The board is the insulation at the meter
  4. 69hemibeep

    Install aftermarket fuel gauge?

    I was talking about an stand alone aftermarket gauge. I would check the wire from the kick panel to the tank next
  5. 69hemibeep

    PCV valve

    Helps keep crankcase pressure down to prevent leaks also
  6. 69hemibeep

    Holly’s Moparty in Bowling Green KY this weekend

    Be right there :lol:
  7. 69hemibeep

    69 Hood stripes.....

    A friend just had his done in 3m vinyl and it looks good!
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    Pretty much
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    Why not LOL
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    Hi my name is ...

  11. 69hemibeep

    Some assembly required

    Sissy lol
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    Fuel filter recommendations

    Mechanical fuel pump should never pull thru a filter so between the pump and carb
  13. 69hemibeep

    Year One! Part not shipped.

    Friend of mine ordered one 2 days ago and come to find out its backordered again. Then he finds it for less on year ones ebay store in stock. He sat on hold for ever to get year one to refund the back order then told the guy about there ebay store and he told my friend to FO and hung up.
  14. 69hemibeep

    Best way to repair

    Before you put money in it what is the bore at?
  15. 69hemibeep

    Best way to repair

    Build a piece out of cast iron and weld it
  16. 69hemibeep

    "The Roadrunner Cafe" in Seligman, AZ

    We had lunch there during the big route 66 cruise the end of April. Good chow
  17. 69hemibeep

    Install aftermarket fuel gauge?

    The gauge has to match the sending unit in OHMs or it wont work
  18. 69hemibeep

    Removing front bench seat

    Wiring is pretty cut and dry