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  1. Russ69Runner

    FOR SALE 1970 Plymouth Road Runner b5 blue metallic

    What is up with the hood. Something don't look right. No inside pics or of the bottom drive train. Not a bad price if it doesn't need any metal work. This one would need a in person look over.
  2. Russ69Runner

    Fuel Gauge

    We all know that our parts are made overseas. We don't make any thing here anymore. Bought one sending unit from Summit and it works fine so far. Had to adjust the float to make it work like it should. But don't trust the lower number near empty so fill up when at a quarter of a tank. The...
  3. Russ69Runner

    Ammeter wires oh so hot!

    Hope this is the solution to the hot wire issue. Sounds like you're getting all the bugs worked out. Good connections will make a difference and new wire over the old, tired wire is a plus. Maybe you can drive the car and not have to worry any more. :thumbsup2:
  4. Russ69Runner

    buggered engine

    Just what my 383 used block that was in stock condition never bored. 400 dollars plus shipping. This was a bare block. We only had to go 20 thou. over. With these blocks becoming rarer to find sure the cost is going up. Good luck on your hunt for a block. Found mine on E bay.
  5. Russ69Runner

    To our brothers in Florida.

    Thanks for the info on Ray. 69hemibeep.
  6. Russ69Runner

    To our brothers in Florida.

    Does anyone have info on ACME A 12 he also lives on the coast down here. Hope he fared well also. Maybe we will hear something from him in a post also.
  7. Russ69Runner

    WANTED Air Grabber parts

    That is sad to see some business just can't get help.
  8. Russ69Runner

    To our brothers in Florida.

    Say Mopar Dan we did not get too bad in Lake Wales. So, I have not been out anywhere except down to the river from the house. Sure, there is some flooding in parts of the area. Was a lot of water from the cane. Nothing on the news's outstanding for our area. Just one dead in Polk County. That...
  9. Russ69Runner

    To our brothers in Florida.

    All ok here. Some driveway damage that was easily fixed. The road in front of the house was partly washed away. The county road workers fixed it yesterday after noon. Several places down the road to the river had wash out places on the shoulder. Never saw this in the past hurricanes. Wilma...
  10. Russ69Runner

    Fuel Gauge

    New sending unit from Summit or parts mix. They are not that expensive. May have to adjust the float to get the right reading in the tank. Good luck.
  11. Russ69Runner

    Got my temp gauge working.

    You're getting things crossed off the list. Sad that it works this way one thing at a time. :thumbsup2:
  12. Russ69Runner

    To our brothers in Florida.

    Yes, going to be a ride but not in the runner. There goes paradise. We don't have snow or nor'easters. But we do have these darn tropical storms. We will tie everything and nail the rest down and hope for the best. Thanks for the sympathy. :thumbsup:
  13. Russ69Runner

    Car show time

    NOW we have a storm coming and batting down the hatches. Just when we think we are going to get a brake this has to happen. LOL. Better to laugh than cry. Wish us luck buddies. Russ. :BangHead:
  14. Russ69Runner

    WANTED D.S. post car door glass

    I just can't understand why you are not restoring that car. It needs some love. Oh well I just want to cry when a car needs work. Best of luck.
  15. Russ69Runner

    Ammeter wires oh so hot!

    New wiring is a must with these old cars. After looking at your bulkhead connector it tells the story. Tired wiring and connections. I replace all the wiring in the restoring process best thing you can do. :drinks:
  16. Russ69Runner

    Car show time

    Won't be long down here in Florida with cooler weather soon. The car shows will be coming around soon. During the summer it is just too hot for me to get out at some shows. In my hometown they shut down the monthly downtown once a month show. Last Saturday of every month Close down one road just...
  17. Russ69Runner

    FOR SALE 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Coupe Red RWD Manual base

    After looking at the red car it has 68 call outs on the hood. This is not the first one I have seen that way. LOL.
  18. Russ69Runner

    Best way to repair

    That is the metal most sought after for making steel overseas. As well the rear ends and transmission case. They want the pig iron to throw into the smelter. Now after years go by, when the electric cars take over parts for our old cars are going to non-existent. Or will be like gold in price...
  19. Russ69Runner

    Shifting problem.s

    Yes Ranger. Still have to see how it acts once in heavy traffic and stop and go. Things get a lot hotter then. I believe it will be ok. So much more fun when you don't have to fight the gears. :thumbsup2: