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  1. HD539

    New member in NE Kansas

  2. HD539

    70 RR Green with envy

  3. HD539

    1969 Road Runner in Pa

    Welcome, nice looking car.
  4. HD539

    Found myself a great 69 Road Runner

    Nice 68, welcome.
  5. HD539

    New to Mopar

  6. HD539

    Clutch recommendations

    I run a McLeod, I bought it thru Brewers. They sell clutch packages that are tailored for different set ups. I’m happy with it.
  7. HD539

    New to Roadrunners

    Welcome, nice cars.
  8. HD539

    Paint Jail

    Very nice!!
  9. HD539

    To our brothers in Florida.

    Hey Russ, praying that you and your family stays safe. Take care buddy.
  10. HD539

    Fellas she is running.............

    Where did you buy that one?
  11. HD539

    “Best Muscle Car”

    I spent a few days putting new leaf springs, shocks and a new radiator in this old gal and finished in time to take her to a late afternoon car show. The car show was sponsored by a local restaurant and ~100 cars showed up. There was only about 5 mopars (not counting the newer challengers). I...
  12. HD539

    New Houston Road Runner

  13. HD539

    Hi my name is ...

  14. HD539

    The Greek Roadrunner is finally here!

    Welcome, nice project you have there.
  15. HD539

    Looking for my Vitamin C 440 6BBL RR

  16. HD539

    Greetings from the Motor City

    Welcome from Washington State.
  17. HD539

    Happy to be a Plymouth Roadrunner owner!

  18. HD539

    New here but not to ma mopar