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  1. HD539

    “Best Muscle Car”

    I spent a few days putting new leaf springs, shocks and a new radiator in this old gal and finished in time to take her to a late afternoon car show. The car show was sponsored by a local restaurant and ~100 cars showed up. There was only about 5 mopars (not counting the newer challengers). I...
  2. HD539

    Ready for the show!

    Heading out for a local car show. Going to meet up with CombatMedic80. Beautiful day!
  3. HD539

    Cool desert nights, CombatMedic80 and me at the local car show

    These two birds were the lead cars kicking off the cool desert nights car show parade. Today is the car show. I would guess only a handful of Mopars made it to the parade. Hopefully more then that make it to the car show.
  4. HD539

    A couple of birds

    CombatMedic80 and I got together today and introduced the birds to each other. We took them on a short cruise and turned a lot of heads. Thanks Michael, it brightened up a cloudy day.
  5. HD539

    Got bored.

    Got bored and decided to replace the floor insulation. One thing lead to another and now its new firewall insulation and reworking the dash wiring.
  6. HD539

    Heater box rebuild question

    I'm in the process of rebuilding the heater box and have found a blower motor at Rock auto but can't find a new blower motor resistor anywhere. Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.
  7. HD539

    Went to a car show (only 3 mopars)

    The wife and I attended a car show about 2 hours away from where we live. I was really surprised that only 3 mopars (~150 cars) were present. I had entered my roadrunner (the only one there) and there was also a very clean 69 Barracuda and a sweet 50s dodge truck. It seems we're seeing fewer...
  8. HD539

    Numbers matching (motor/transmission)

    Finally put my Roadrunner on the lift and found that the engine and transmission are original to the car. It was a pleasant surprise, but not sure if it adds much regarding value. I also think the shocks were original too, what a pain to remove and replace. Slow going.
  9. HD539

    Hello from the Pacific Northwest

    What a great forum, I'm looking forward to the dialogue and learning new things about RRs.