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  1. ricks_RR

    new stuff

    just found this at a swap meet sunday . just for my runner
  2. ricks_RR

    WANTED 3.55 gears

    looking for 3.55 for a 8 3/4 rearend 489 case
  3. ricks_RR

    FOR SALE 14 inch magnums rims

    pick up only all 4 for & 300.00 in great shape ( rindge n.h. ) came off a 1969 road runner
  4. ricks_RR

    mopars in rindge

  5. ricks_RR

    greenfield mass mopar get together

    this sunday in greenfield mass across the street from the tractor supply in greenfield . starts at 11am dont cost nothing just come and enjoy seeing mopars and friends
  6. ricks_RR

    WANTED 8 3/4 rear end 3.55 gears

    looking for a 489 case with 3.55 gears
  7. ricks_RR

    just painted it

    and put the decals on it
  8. ricks_RR

    who knows

    does any one know the guy that made these road runners . i need to get in contact with him
  9. ricks_RR

    new toy

    look what followed me home
  10. ricks_RR

    mopars in rindge N.H.

    hope some of you can make it .we have people coming from N.Y. and conn
  11. ricks_RR

    WANTED 4 barrel ovel air cleaner

    looking for a oval air cleaner I don't care what shape
  12. ricks_RR

    WANTED magnum exhaust manifolds

    looking for a pair of magnum exhaust manifolds for a 440
  13. ricks_RR

    more toys the man cave

    just pick up these
  14. ricks_RR

    mopars in rindge N.H.

    the doors are open if anyone is in the area . hope you can open it
  15. ricks_RR

    stripe delete

    is the code for stripe delete on the fender tag or just on the build sheet . cant remember ricks_RR
  16. ricks_RR

    1968 imperial project

    what started out as a little rust is now a project
  17. ricks_RR

    FOR SALE 1972 newport

    looking for a parts car
  18. ricks_RR

    Mopars in rindge n.h.

    Mopars in Rindge 8th Annual 117 School Street Rindge, NH Sat. June 3, 2017 11am – 4pm Rain or Shine Things to Bring: Your Mopar or Pictures, Family & Friends A Dish to Share. Your Own Beverage Stories to Share, Your Friendship PLEASE NO PETS RSVP Appreciated by...
  19. ricks_RR


    who went down to Carlisle I went down and got everything I needed to finish my 69 RR :greedy_dollars::greedy_dollars:.the cars down there was awesome to see
  20. ricks_RR

    air grabber

    has any one here put the air grabber set-up made in canada on there 69 road runner .if so what problems did you have if any . I want to buy one but have had no luck finding any one that has bought it and put it on there cars . ricks_RR