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    What are you guy's working on.

    My sons 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ
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    Hello everyone

    Hello from Mass.
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    Looking at your runner.

    Nope, Great Barrington Mass
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    Anyone going to Carlisle?

    OK ! Going to hold you to it !!!!
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    Anyone going to Carlisle?

    Hope to see you There Russ some day !!!
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    Anyone going to Carlisle?

    leaving Friday !!!! A least a 6+ hour drive. Not taken the RR . Taken my Jeep JK
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    440 runs at 200 degrees

    Do you have a shroud on the radiator and is the fan at least half way into it ?
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    Don't scratch my bird!

    I Feel the same way and had all of the above happen to me. I have not done a show in years and at this time in my life just like to go on long drives, I swear I could park my RR in a empty parking lot and some one would park next to it. I always have said my RR would never be a Trailer Queen but...
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    Oil for 440

    I used the 20/50 in my 440
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    Scared to tell the wife

    Stay Positive !! Some days e days it can get like this. lol. Looks like you got a big job ahead ! Get to Work !
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    Scared to tell the wife

    Welcome ! I must of got lucky when I brought mine home, She loved it and went with me to buy it.
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    To GTX or not

    Leave it a GTX !!!
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    Can the ride height be adjusted up on the front?

    I went with 25.5 inches from center of fender to floor and then a good front end alinement !! I have the hemi leaf springs in rear. the rake seems good to me
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    First running of the motor.

    Great !!! Any chance of s Video
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