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Nice headers Terry, these are the ones I will be buying when our dollar improves. At the moment our dollar is only worth 60 US cents so it won't be any time soon.
Do you have a show case set up of the car? Would love to see what you have also. Any bird is better than now bird at all. LOL. Catch ya later. Russ.
Hey Mike, haven't heard from you in a while. I hope you are doing well. Have you been working on the RR?
Yup every little bit helps. The more you dig the more rust you'll find. Sometimes I think it would be better to stop looking :lol: If the rust isn't too bad, I'd wire brush it and paint it with POR 15. My floor pan is too far gone, I can poke a screw driver through both sides. Are you going to Carlisle?
I finally found a good person to work on my Roadrunner metal his business name is Ron's Rods. And placed the driver pan and trunk pan fixed one of outer rocker panels. And he placed the outer wheel wells and almost done with the driver side quarter panel
Whatever gets your project done.