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  1. ACME A12


    I went. IT WAS BLOODY HOT. Good time though. Saw Bob, Harold, Mac, and finally met Joe White. Joe hasn't been on here in quite a while, but he was always a really good guy and I had wanted to meet him in person. Turns out that I already knew his son and didn't even know that they were...
  2. ACME A12

    Question for the experts

    234 Hemi 4 spd Road Runner hardtops (RM23) were built in 1969. No break down by color or stripes. Every one of them would have had the N96 (Air Grabber) hood.
  3. ACME A12

    Happy 4/26

    Okay, then bring out the cake... :lol:
  4. ACME A12

    How Are You Celebrating Earth Day?

    Most of the regulars and old timers on here are wired the same way. There used to be a lot more of this type of banter on here back in the early days, but times change and people move on. It is what it is...
  5. ACME A12

    Jumper Cables

    And the Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up" was playing on the juke box.
  6. ACME A12

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter, gents. Hope that it was a good one.
  7. ACME A12

    The Greek Roadrunner is finally here!

    Correct. Evans did not make an under-dash harness the last time I researched this. YO is the exclusive M&H distributor for MoPar harnesses.
  8. ACME A12

    Dust trail decals installed finally

    Thanks. She doesn't look like that anymore though. That's an old photo - probably taken around 2009 or so. I was piggybacking on your photo and waxing nostalgic regarding being able drive her without a care. Those are Halibrands - not Torque Thrusts. Not something that you see everyday...
  9. ACME A12

    Dust trail decals installed finally

    I remember those days with mine. One of our old members here (Craig - A31 PKG) told me that I should never bother to restore her and just continue to enjoy her as is. Lot of wisdom in those words...
  10. ACME A12

    Has anyone ever seen a 69 (or other) come from the factory with 4 AMBER marker (reflector) lights?

    You'll see those gaskets included when you buy a complete body gasket set for painting. Not all of the plants used them. My car is a Lynch Road car and they did not. It was gobbered up with seam sealer from the factory so that is exactly how I put it back together. I have a pair of those...
  11. ACME A12

    Dust trail decals installed finally

    Looks great. I have always loved the dust trail stripes.
  12. ACME A12

    Hi all

    Welcome aboard. Pretty bird.
  13. ACME A12

    WANTED Bench Seat and Door Panels for my 68 RR

    Legendary Auto Interiors makes and sells your door panels. The bench seat will be a much taller order. Hard to find, and when you do find one it's usually nowhere near where you live, and they are expensive to ship... Where are you located? Maybe we can give some suggestions on where to look...
  14. ACME A12

    this can't happen to me

    Well, at the end of the day what else would you expect him to say? He still lives there and they could make life even more MISERABLE for him and his wife if he said anything that was less than flattering to the local PD. They obviously are watching all of his videos...so it seems like a pretty...
  15. ACME A12

    this can't happen to me

    Well that was f**ked up...
  16. ACME A12

    Parking brake

    As soon as I read your first post (and before I got to the one that I am quoting) I had a feeling that this would be the case. They are WAY up there...
  17. ACME A12

    FOR SALE A12 Road Runner for sale

    Just to level set - my car retains its original transmission and rear end. Only the original engine is missing. Pretty common situation in the A12 world. There's not a lot of A12 cars out there running around with all of their original unibody intact so it's doubtful that I would sacrifice...
  18. ACME A12

    WANTED Panel extension

    Moved this thread to to the Parts Wanted forum from the Parts For Sale forum - ACME
  19. ACME A12

    Merry Christmas!

    Hope you guys have a good one!