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  1. Rapid Transit

    Exhaust tip hanger on 68-70 RR

    I feel more like Al. Except they probably will throw The Dodge in on top of me. I'm putting a TTI system on the RR and trying to figure out how far the tips are supposed to stick out. It's different from the factory. The bracket is on the pipe and I've got to cut the pipe back to install the...
  2. Rapid Transit

    '68 Road Runner in Tiger Warsaw

    Seriously? A Nova. Should have traded it for an A body at least. Duster or Dart Sport or Demon.
  3. Rapid Transit

    No lights-No start-Good battery!

    This seems a classic example where a test light beats a test meter. Puts a load on the wires, connection or battery power supply Looking at the OP it now jumps out that the OP was referring to digital indications as well that did come on.
  4. Rapid Transit

    68 Road Runner value

    I see rust that probably needs repairing at the lower rear wheel well. I see rust at the hood lip. It may be razor thin there. Rust behind the rocker trim? Who knows how bad. Like Russ says it COULD need a new cowl top at least (window channel) Won't know about the cowl bottom without a...
  5. Rapid Transit

    Rear window lower stainless steel moulding

    I have some limited knowledge. My guess is that unless it is exactly the same kind of stainless it might be a different color. I also think TIG is the only option for it. And the person doing the welding should be very good. Warpage might also be a minor issue. However, on a positive note, it's...
  6. Rapid Transit

    FOR SALE A12 clone for sale

    The buzz kill is the ad. I just looked at the pretty pictures. Dealers. SMH. Like one of those insipid real estate ads for a property. Blah, blah, blah. My eyes crossed and I didn't bother reading it for the detail.
  7. Rapid Transit

    1974 340 Road Runner For Sale.

    I've never had much use for dealers in the hobby. Seems to me that they hurt more than help. Dealer mark up and hoard cars from people that might be able to use them. One came and looked at a 340 T/A engine Challenger I was selling about 21 years ago, before things went nuts. I had told people...
  8. Rapid Transit

    1974 340 Road Runner For Sale.

    Top reply. @jseal21 17 hours ago Somebody is bound to throw shade on this video but don't listen! You're doing God's work warning people off of these crooks! Thanks.
  9. Rapid Transit

    Help picking out tires My69 RR

    If you are asking for opinions on the aesthetics , I don't think white letters will do anything for the car. Defeats the whole mean business or poverty look. And I just don't like them on a Road Runner. Maybe on an E body? Or a Chevy. Then again if you are going for this.
  10. Rapid Transit

    FOR SALE 1969 Plymouth Road Runner 2 Door H/T 7.2 Liter 440 6 BBL V8

    I just got through painting one of my cars (again). Comes from not having a inside paint booth. Nice accent. Nice color. But as much work as it is to paint one, I would have gone ahead and gotten rid of the vinyl top while I was doing a "tribute" car.
  11. Rapid Transit

    Creaking noise

    I've used poly LCA busing in daily drivers with no problems for 25 years. I don't use the strut rod (LCA break reaction rod) poly doughnuts. The poly ones do not have enough compression in them for me to be comfortable with them. I've used anti sway bar poly bushings too. I did notice some...
  12. Rapid Transit

    coyote still cant catch the ....

    John Candy. RIP
  13. Rapid Transit


    Well, it's hard to top the "patriotic" angle. That's cheap and easy. But I'm still voting for The Dodge Brothers and real faces with "wisdom". I wonder how many people actually know that a "Charger" is a war horse.
  14. Rapid Transit

    Creaking noise

    Like many of us owners.
  15. Rapid Transit

    Primer prep

    In my limited experience with epoxy primer and filler, I don't think sanding epoxy is something I want to do. I learned that the epoxy used is thick and unless you use the correct size big tip you have to thin it out a lot to get it smooth. That filler primer is what is easy to sand and that's...
  16. Rapid Transit

    FOR SALE 69 Hemi for sale.

    I know what a Spartan is. But Sparton is a portmanteau of Sparks and Withington , which is just funny. It's supposed to have a date code. But the way things work, I would not bet against that being missing from an ordinal Spurtin horn. Wonder who put that on the horns anyway. Some guy at...
  17. Rapid Transit

    FOR SALE 69 Hemi for sale.

    The horn color in a photograph can be deceptive and means little. Anything else? It's a real question. I'm thinking somethin' is missing from a 69 factory line installed horn. But not sure. Enquirin' minds what to know what the spurts say...
  18. Rapid Transit

    FOR SALE 69 Hemi for sale.

    Yes. That car checks my boxes. I would want to see before pictures of the body prior to dipping. One thing about that. Understanding where rust can hide in these cars, what was done post dipping to stop any further corrosion. I always wonder about the cowl. Anyone want to guess if that's the...