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  1. Plybeep68

    FOR SALE 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

    For that money you would think the hood would be correct
  2. Plybeep68

    FOR SALE 1968 Plymouth Road Runner 2DR HARDTOP

    I agree , decals have to go, radiator looks similar to the original style. Did I miss something?
  3. Plybeep68

    Merry Christmas everyone

    Merry Christmas everyone, hope everyone and their families have a blessed day !
  4. Plybeep68

    Christmas list

    Merry Christmas to everyone!
  5. Plybeep68

    Water leak near my E brake pedal.

    I've used this stuff, it works pretty good
  6. Plybeep68

    The Bold Runner

    I like the stance
  7. Plybeep68

    Local Car and Truck show.

    Congrats Russ !
  8. Plybeep68

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope you and your families have a blessed holiday season
  9. Plybeep68

    Turkey Day.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone
  10. Plybeep68

    Good day at the car show today.

    That's awesome! How far are you from Irmo? I have a sister and nephew that lives there
  11. Plybeep68

    “Best Muscle Car”

  12. Plybeep68

    Can I call it a "4-door Roadrunner?" lol

    The dept furnished uniforms, a holster, and a handgun( .38 special revolver). They were given a gasoline allowance monthly. If the deputies had any equipment on there cars most of the time they purchased it themselves. Usually just a single beacon on the roof or a spotlight with a colored bulb.
  13. Plybeep68

    Can I call it a "4-door Roadrunner?" lol

    Yes, for 1971, that's the 1st year the county actually bought patrol cars, prior to 1971 the deputies had to buy there own patrol car.
  14. Plybeep68

    Can I call it a "4-door Roadrunner?" lol

    I've got a 69 Fury I plan on doing a tribute car for my department
  15. Plybeep68

    Can I call it a "4-door Roadrunner?" lol

    Nice!!! Post some more pics please, did you fix-up the interior as they were back in the day?
  16. Plybeep68

    Greetings from the Motor City

    Great looking bird
  17. Plybeep68

    318 Intake

    Anyone used this type of intake? I picked it up from a friend at a really good price.
  18. Plybeep68

    FOR SALE 1969 Plymouth Road Runner HEMI

    Did the automatic birds come with color matching carpet? Both mine are 4 speeds and they came with black carpet, the 68 has a blue interior and the 69 had a green interior
  19. Plybeep68

    Any other cops (or former/retired cops) on the forum??

    I did like the Caprices of the 90s, none of our Sheriffs ever bought them, the only time I drove those was at the State training academy in Nashville teaching EVOC to the cadets
  20. Plybeep68

    Any other cops (or former/retired cops) on the forum??

    It's overall one of the better patrol cars I've driven, I've been in a Charger since 2007, this 2017 is the best handling, strong mid range, I had a 2012 that was the fastest at 156 MPH with the help of grade/elevation. First patrol car I drove was a very tired 1978 Monaco with a 440, then a...