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  1. Basketcase

    Pop out windows

    been to busy grinding my pop outs since anyone but me is to blame for them not fitting.....
  2. Basketcase

    Pop out windows

    Gee Russ How come the bottom pic of your car the seats are blue? Ray I guess you ned to copyright your pics so they aren't used by others.......
  3. Basketcase

    Flywheel with offset bolt pattern

    The level of stupidity that has infected this site is not to be believed.
  4. Basketcase

    From a concerned long time member.

    And the one usually dishing out the Misinformation is a Fucking Idiot that shouldn't even own a Yugo. And to his pees that listen to him, it should be blaringly evident who it is.
  5. Basketcase

    Convertible Top Question - Pros / Cons Glass or Vinyl Window

    and it's high Time that Mod gets off his plaid covered ass and does something.....
  6. Basketcase

    Convertible Top Question - Pros / Cons Glass or Vinyl Window

    He should be banned.........this isn't a C Body site.
  7. Basketcase

    Power steering

    and some of the members actually know what they're talking about instead of just blowing smoke outta their ass.
  8. Basketcase

    The back window quest goes on.

    Oh I've had my share of screw ups....but I don't go blaming everyone else including the factory for a glass, that was probably in the car for close to 50 years suddenly braking, and the only thing that changed was the work that YOU did. MAn up, call for your beer assistant, learn how to spell...
  9. Basketcase

    The back window quest goes on.

    now I never have laid claim as to being a bodyman...but look over these pictures, make note of the lack of any kind of bracing when the roof was removed. Now......does anyone want to take a wild ass guess why the back glasses are breaking on this car? Stevie Wonder...
  10. Basketcase

    SOLD 69 Roadrunner

    Some people just need to sick their noses in where it doesn't belong. And people used to have enough respect, even for people they don't know not to ask. Or would you feel better if the seller says " If I don't sell this car the sheriff is evicting me and my wife from our home?" Mind your damn...
  11. Basketcase

    What's in My Garage

    I bought front and rears for mine in 2012 from Jeff @ 521 Restorations, AMD, and they look as good today as they did 8 years ago. No pits what so ever.
  12. Basketcase

    Trunk lock

    So......it's NOT just me
  13. Basketcase

    Oil pan

    not taking anything personal. I've been on this site for all three versions of it. And to be around here anytime at all you need a thick hide. I don't mind being called an asshole.Sometimes I am. Sometimes others are. Get used to it.
  14. Basketcase

    Oil pan

    asshole? Yes to both, but at least I notice when a thread is five years old,and the guy that originally asked the question has been on this site since.
  15. Basketcase

    Oil pan

  16. Basketcase

    Electronic Ignition conversion

    and another reply to a five year old thread......
  17. Basketcase

    Trunk lock

    sure...I've used a coat hanger for a muffler hanger on my old work truck to get me to payday. not any half assed redneck repair on a now classic car that can sit in the garage until I get the right part. So did you get that Hefty bag tapped up for a rear window?
  18. Basketcase

    Trunk lock

    or just TOTALLY Ignore the above reply and all others that are as stupid as this was........and do it right.
  19. Basketcase

    Look what I found today!

    the OP hasn't been seen since 2017....maybe he's still digging it out....:rofl: