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  1. Russ69Runner

    Paint wrinkle

    Have a wrinkle in my paint where the upper cowl and the a pillar are bonded. My jack let the car down hard on passenger side when working on it. Now notice a wrinkle in the paint where the two body parts where leaded. After thought is I guess should have welded that area together. But was told...
  2. Russ69Runner


    Just wonder why the smile Icon's are not working also. Miss giving the thumb's up. Guess that hacker must have done something.
  3. Russ69Runner

    Another one of our members has covid.

    Hey guy's another one of our members has gotten that junk going around. Figured you all could take time to ask the man up stairs to give them some extra help. Some time that will help and I pray all of us don't get this. I know at my age and underlying condition's don't even need to get it. So...
  4. Russ69Runner

    Adjusting door window's.

    Have opened up the mounting hole on my vent widow frames. Adjusted the bottom pivot bolt. Window is too close to the gasket at the post. Door shut's tight. Is it my seals. Or just me. It is like the window is too big. When rolling up the window it wants to roll up in the gap of the seal. When...
  5. Russ69Runner

    Led blub for.

    What are you guy's using for the dome light and console light's in led replacement over the standard blubs. Appreciate the help. Have bought some and they are not working long.
  6. Russ69Runner

    Front windshield

    This past weekend my glass guy and I tried to put the front windshield in. Seems the glass is too big. Yes after market glass. Made in china so my glass guy say's. He ripped the gasket at the drive's side top corner. So have a new gasket coming. Any ides on how to measure the glass so we can cut...
  7. Russ69Runner

    Wiring harness

    So after getting all the wiring in. Found out that the under dash harness did not have the wire for my revers light under dash. I tried several wires that where under the dash. They where not the one for the light. Traced back to Z on the bulk head connector and found out their was no wire on...
  8. Russ69Runner

    First running of the motor.

    Well got the motor running and it sound's good for the first time. Replaced every thing on the electrical side but used the old Coil. Figured it worked before and could use it to fire the new motor up. It worked ok but the motor acted funny. So got it to idle after a while and asked the wife to...
  9. Russ69Runner

    front grill.

    I see that good mark sell's a grill. Lot less money for it than other vendor's. Has any one bought one of these. Are they the same quality or are they junk?????
  10. Russ69Runner

    Clutch pedal over center spring.

    Well as you guy's know moving along on my runner. Put the clutch pedal and all in the car. Hooked up every thing to the clutch pedal and pushed the clutch in. Oh no it is really tough on my leg. So decided to try and put the over center spring back on the pedal. Not having much luck getting the...
  11. Russ69Runner

    Alternator Question

    Ok I know this has been beat to death. But here goes the question. I am putting the by pass wire form the alt to the starter relay as suggested in old forum's. Now the amp meter gauge will read what. Or will it read the amp's at all. I see Summit sell's a regulator for the square back alt that...
  12. Russ69Runner

    Problems getting the right alt.

    O Rely sold me a square back alt. It had two field point's. After reading and searching seen how much trouble these gave guy's on their resto. Burnt wires and rewiring to make it work. Told the guy's at O rely needed the one with just the one field connection. After two tries today was at the...
  13. Russ69Runner

    Console in and comp. gauges. Just a few pic's.

    Took four day's to put the console in. What a job. Two day's to install the comp gauges. So their goes another week. LOL.
  14. Russ69Runner

    Installing new electronic ignition

    This car already had a non points system. Got the new distributor and ECU box with blast resistor. Believe that I do need the voltage regulator still. The blast resistor sent with the kit is smaller than the original one. I have concerns with that it is 20 ohms at 8 amp. Have new style...
  15. Russ69Runner

    In stalling after market gauges

    What wire would I tap to get the light power for the gauges. This would help save some stress on what few brain cell's I have left. Thanks for any info you might have on the subject. Russ.
  16. Russ69Runner

    Fan belt pully

    If I am putting A/C in the runner do I need a double grove fan pully to do that. Know I got some part's for the A/C when buying the kit. But have to look to see if they included that pully. I do have a double grove crank pully. Maybe some one here will know the answer. Russ.
  17. Russ69Runner

    Putting together four speed console

    Any advice on how this thing goes together. Or any pic's. The rear trim piece dose not want to sit flush with the console body. But guess like every thing else will have to find a way to make it work. Any input will be appreciated. Russ.
  18. Russ69Runner

    Fuse block. What amp fuse's

    Looked into the service manual and see the ones that are 20 amp but cant read the other fuse size's. Need help!!!!!
  19. Russ69Runner

    Head light Harness.

    Just want to know which harness to get for a 383 car with out the fender turn signals. Just the basic harness. The ask if it has the electronic ignition. It was a point's ignition but has been changed to an electronic one. So if any one has a suggestion. On the 69 car. Just need the basic...
  20. Russ69Runner

    Hurst shifter and an A833 transmission.

    Ok you guy's know that I have the 383 car with the roadrunner transmission. Working on getting it in and cleaned up the Hurst shifter I bought. So It look's like I would have to push away from me and up for first straight down for second. Then two me up for third then down to forth. All the way...