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  1. Terry Hauck

    A 255-60-15 radial in the front?

    Flaming River 16:1.
  2. Terry Hauck

    69 11in Drum Brakes

    I don't know but it only happens when you hit the brakes. Other than that the front end and steering is straight and true.
  3. Terry Hauck

    69 11in Drum Brakes

    Guess I've never looked thru this whole site. That's some great info. Thanks
  4. Terry Hauck

    69 11in Drum Brakes

    Yes I have bleed them and the rubber lines are new too. I have not checked the back but if you don't hold the steering wheel tight it will pull it out of your hands left or right. I will try it to eliminate everything I can first.
  5. Terry Hauck

    A 255-60-15 radial in the front?

    I went from power to manual quick ratio 16:1. Maybe if I had gone stock manual it wouldn't be so hard.
  6. Terry Hauck

    69 11in Drum Brakes

    I have done all of that many times. Could it be in the lines or the master cylinder?
  7. Terry Hauck

    69 11in Drum Brakes

    I cannot get my front brakes right. I have changed the shoes, springs and wheel cylinders twice and they still pull. Sometimes to the left sometimes to the right. I have adjusted them many times with the same results. I know it can be done because I have a 69 Chevy C-10 pick up with drums all...
  8. Terry Hauck

    A 255-60-15 radial in the front?

    Looks good. I went with Magnum 500 7s front and 8s rear. 245/60 and 275/60. I don't have power steering so the 245s are one size bigger than what I have on the Rallye's now. Going to be a bitch to steer. Power steering next.
  9. Terry Hauck

    WANTED Steel dust cover

    I need a steel A833 dust/bellhousing cover for a 69 383 Roadrunner. The plastic POC I bought melted.
  10. Terry Hauck

    383 Build, looking for some recommendations

    Did you mean 906 heads? I used KB flat tops, a comp cam 23-224-4 from Summit, Edelbrock RPM Performer manifold, Doug's headers and a Holley 650. Stock crank, windage tray and stock 906 heads. It's about 9.2 compression and runs strong with California's 91 octane gas. The 750 might be too much. I...
  11. Terry Hauck

    Problems getting the right alt.

    They hire people that have little automotive knowledge and will work for cheap. They just have to know how to operate a computer. Long gone are the days with experts behind the counter.
  12. Terry Hauck

    Test picture

    I'd say you are completely successful at both. Great job!!
  13. Terry Hauck

    383/automatic with rear main seal leak!

    Yes I agree. If you are going to do it do it all and do it right the first time.
  14. Terry Hauck power at all

    If it moves to the left when you crank it or turn on the lights it's working. Mine is bad and both wires are going to one connector which bypasses it. One day I would like to replace it with a volt meter.
  15. Terry Hauck power at all

    If you have a good plug wire and plug connect it to the distributor ground the side of the plug to the engine crank it and see if you have spark. Don't count out that orange box. I just went round and round with an intermittent box. Earlier that silver round can you disconnected and reconnected...
  16. Terry Hauck power at all

    What about the Ammeter inside the car. I heard if it goes you have nothing. Correct me if I am wrong please. Still learning.
  17. Terry Hauck

    Harmonic Balancer and torque spec

    I put a little grease on the shaft lined it up, slipped it on and tightened the nut with an air impact till it stopped.
  18. Terry Hauck

    Radiator overflow reservoir

    That's what I have now. It's so hot lately that it's always puking when it warms up and when it cools off. I want to put the tank to stop that.
  19. Terry Hauck

    Radiator overflow reservoir

    Can you please send me a pic of how you mounted yours?
  20. Terry Hauck

    Radiator overflow reservoir

    I'm looking at one like that. Is it 3X9? Is it this one? BLACKHORSE-RACING 3" X 9" Radiator Coolant Overflow Puke Tank Polished Stainless Steel 32OZ on Amazon??