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  1. ACME A12

    Wanted: 383/440 HP exhaust manifolds

    9 year old want ad. Hurry up. He's waiting... :rofl:
  2. ACME A12

    Mopar muscle

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing.
  3. ACME A12

    Found build sheet...sort of

    That's a shame. I would have liked to have finally found out what the code is for shiny stripes on the hood and fenders. :rofl:
  4. ACME A12

    Paint wrinkle

    Didn't get the reply that you were looking for on FBBO?
  5. ACME A12


  6. ACME A12

    Hello everyone

    Ah, makes perfect sense now. Efharisto!
  7. ACME A12

    Hello everyone

    Welcome aboard! Phil doesn't sound like a traditional Greek name...?
  8. ACME A12

    I can't believe.....

    Patience. Sometimes you don't find them, they find you...
  9. ACME A12

    old thread

    There is no rule - just general internet forum decorum that frowns on necroposting. Some forums have specific rules for this - we do not. But if it's been dead for over a decade, why not just start a new, perhaps more relevant thread?
  10. ACME A12

    Fastest 383 powered 1/4 mile?

    Thread has been dead for 12 years... C'mon...
  11. ACME A12

    My new project

    FK5 Deep Burnt Orange. Introduced in 1970.
  12. ACME A12

    My new project

    Wow, great project, Joe. Like Bob stated, good to see you back on here. How's the back these days?
  13. ACME A12

    Switch panel question

    Looks like a modification by a previous owner to me.
  14. ACME A12

    BFG T/A love? hate?

    I knew that was coming... :rofl:
  15. ACME A12

    New Member

    You posted this in the For Sale Section so I moved it and created a new thread for you.
  16. ACME A12

    Electronic Ignition "Orange Box."

    Yes, Jegs, Summit, E-bay, all over the place...
  17. ACME A12

    Electronic Ignition "Orange Box."

    This covers it all:
  18. ACME A12

    New from Tx

    Welcome aboard.
  19. ACME A12

    Getting three car seats in a Road Runner?

    Three belts in the back from the factory. Not sure about the 'vert. Someone will chime in.
  20. ACME A12

    roller rockers

    I have Hughes 1.6 roller rockers on my A12. Unless you are going racing and need to squeeze every last ounce of HP out of this thing, they probably are not worth the extra drain on your pocketbook... JMHO. If you do go the roller rocker route you'll likely need to get pushrods made. Hughes...