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  1. quikbird

    Drive Shaft Measurement

    what sweet noise!!!!
  2. quikbird

    1969 Roadrunner

    68‘s were actual lights but 69 was just a reflector
  3. quikbird

    teach your kids well.

  4. quikbird

    Drive Shaft Measurement

    Car must be on its suspension. Measure from middle of rear u joint to back of transmission. Subtract about An inch to allow for suspension travel
  5. quikbird

    HP exhaust manifolds

    1 7\8 will work fine. They also acid dip the internals of the stock headers as well to thin them from the inside in f.a.s.t. Class.
  6. quikbird

    Chasing a rattle noise!

    Try rock auto. Think that is where I got my last set
  7. quikbird

    Fuel pump

    Classic industries, year one, any of the other supply houses. Napa probably also
  8. quikbird

    440 RV engine

    There are several manufacturers of pistons that can help you on this question. I have diamonds in my engine. Others would be mahle, wiseco. Call any of them and give them that info and see what they suggest. Item to consider is that as boost compression, means squeeze the cylinder more. That...
  9. quikbird

    Chasing a rattle noise!

    Definitely go with the loaded ones. Trying to press all that stuff out and in without warping the control arm is more than a pita.
  10. quikbird

    Disc brake truth

    Kit includes all brackets etc and bolts on pretty easily. I did both front and rear and the front kit came with a new master cylinder
  11. quikbird

    Disc brake truth

    I have a set from stainless steel brakes that used the existing drum spindle
  12. quikbird

    No fender tag

    like both of those:thumbsup:
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    New member, 69 RR ,383 4speed

    Welcome, And yes indeed a lot of work. Just nibble it off one bit at a time and eventually it will be done
  14. quikbird

    hammerhead Intro

    welcome back
  15. quikbird

    FOR SALE 1973 Road Runner tribute 360 4bbl panther pink

    Nobody underestimated the taste of the American public
  16. quikbird

    Mopar muscle

    Garage is WAY too clean. :thumbsup2:
  17. quikbird

    Electronic Ignition "Orange Box."

    Msd box easy to change rpm limit. Just switch out chip that just plugs in and out
  18. quikbird

    Electronic Ignition "Orange Box."

    Msd box gets rid of ballast resistor as well as whether you have a good or bad orange box. It gone. :lol: