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    69 RR 383 oil

    I run the VR1 in 10w-30. A 20w-50 will take a bit to pump when cold and take more power to pump. bigger issue for new owner is to know about running an ethanol additive or the real trouble will brew quickly.
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    Timing numbers for a 383 super commando?

    34 total for stock heads. I like to run 10 initial, but some guys like to run way up in the teens for that. I run ported vacuum.
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    FOR SALE 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Green RWD Manual basic

    Reading that closely I think this is a flip. Not impressed by hiding the fender tag. Makes me think it’s a repop.
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    FOR SALE 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Coupe Red RWD Manual base

    An odd choice for sure. Way to easy to find an 8.75 to be dinking around like that. Still is nice enough to pull close to his number in this market. I don’t like the exhaust work one but. From front to back. Base car with added A87 b pillar trim. Rough tag may mean this started as a really rusty...
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    FOR SALE 1969 Plymouth Road Runner 6.3L 383 V8 Manual 4-SPD Air Grabber

    Bunch of bs if it bid that high and didn’t meet reserve. That’s pretty front street about who you are dealing with. im confused about the numbers matching. That looks like a lynch road tag and the block doesn’t look warranty to me. Vin stamp looks to be uniform font and in a line like it was...
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    FOR SALE 14 inch magnums rims

    Mine are all bent. have you ever had these balanced? I found out when I took the dried out tires to be changed and they put them on the machine. Also would have to be shipped. I’m in Cincinnati
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    FOR SALE 1969 Plymouth Road Runner FACTORY 4SPD PS TACH POWER TOP

    That guy is a dealer and I find the cars he puts on eBay to have an interesting bid history. Just review how things go in a few to get a feel. I called once upon a time about a car that was of interest to me and I came away unimpressed with the used car salesmen schtik. From what I can tell he...
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    FOR SALE 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Convertible (1 of 1880)

    Car was for sale last year near Chicago. This dealer bought it and has been trying to flip for most of the past year. Has some strange things going on for a low mile claimed car.
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    FOR SALE 1969 Plymouth Road Runner 440 V8 / 4-SPD / Rotisserie Restored

    That pic looks like it has a lot of color flop from door to front and back.
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    Problems getting the right alt.

    If you want to run electronic ignition, later voltage reg, two field alt and the four prong ballast on a 69, year one has a nice harness for the entire engine for about 140 bucks. Looks all factory and you can ditch the old one with burns and cut wires, not have splice mess for the upgrades.
  11. S power at all

    Make sure your ecu box has a good ground if you are running one. The amp gauge can be bypassed easily by moving a lug to their other one post. give the bulkhead a good wire brushing and dielectric grease.
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    Voltage spike

    Also make sure the reg has a good ground. Had one fry that I bolted on and didn’t clean the paint on the back. Started adding a dedicated ground after that, just like I do for ecu boxes. I’ve found the cars do sooooo much better with good grounds. I gave up on stock looks as I noticed a...
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    Getting three car seats in a Road Runner?

    Seems that would work. An e body is out. Guy with one I like said his only has the two belts. anybody know if a vert b Body or a hardtop with buckets has two or three belts?
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    Getting three car seats in a Road Runner?

    Looking to get back in the game. Having trouble finding cars to look at locally. Is three car seats in the back of a 69 going to happen? I wouldn’t mind having a vert, but pretty sure that will be a no go. Anybody manage this?
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    billccm Intro

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    Ralph c Intro

    I always liked those years better than 71-72. Guy had an awesome orange one when i was growing up
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    383 to 438

    Depends on how much cam you care to put up with on the street. I think 450 is possible with a very street friendly cam. 500 might make it a little rough around the edges.
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    Found my first Road Runner for sale with a video It needed a full, and i mean full, restoration. A solid GA car with typical southern rust and numbers matching, it was a great candidate. I tore into it and completely reworked the suspension, brakes, and gathered up parts for a serious pump gas...