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  1. droptop

    Holly’s Moparty in Bowling Green KY this weekend

    Anyone here going? We are heading out early Friday morning and plan to be at the show on Friday and Saturday. Stop and say hi if you see me. We will driving the ‘80.
  2. droptop

    Need a measurement

    Anyone have a driver side remote mirror on their 69? (68-70 should all be the same) I need the measurement for placement so I can drill the hole to mount the inside mechanism.
  3. droptop

    Lost a very good friend last night

    A very old and close friend passed away last night. Some of you have met him at Carlisle. He had the rallye green 69.5 with white interior and Cragars. 500+inch stroker motor with 4 speed and 4:10 gears. To say this car is an absolute blast to ride in is an understatement. And Walt drove it like...
  4. droptop

    This years car turns 50

    Ready for show season. I have chosen my 71 for this years car being it is 50 years old now. Everything has been returned to stock. (except the wheels) This winter I wet sanded and buffed the paint and then applied a ceramic coating. This sure is a high maintenance bitch. LOL. Show schedule for...
  5. droptop

    Escape from paint jail soon

    All that is left is to cut and buff. Can’t wait to get this back home.
  6. droptop

    Getting ready for Carlisle

    With everything cancelled until July, I am now focusing on what I am taking to Carlisle this year. Going to be driving the ‘80 this year, not trailering. Needed new tires, so I decided I needed new wheels also.
  7. droptop

    Much needed part for our 69 Road Runners now available

    I have been on Tony for the last 3 years at Carlisle about how much this item was needed. Not sure if any other colors are available. Just In! New 68-69 Road Runner Bench Seat Emblems and Backing Plates! set of 8 does F+R seats $155. set of 4 does either front or rear seat $85. 302-398-0821...
  8. droptop

    Cool Mopar related pictures found on the web

    I’ll start.
  9. droptop

    Slotted wheels

    Has anyone ever seen an aluminum slot wheel (except on google images) with six slots before. This vintage picture showed up on the innerweb today and it peaked my interest. Always been a fan of the “stoner mags” as they were called back in the day. Just never have seen any with 6 slots.
  10. droptop

    Yeah or nay?

    I personally would drive the wheels off of it.
  11. droptop

    68 Road Runner / GTX performance hood treatment

    Found this on the inner web today, so it must be correct. LOL. This is on Performance Car Graphics web sight. First time I have ever seen any kind of drawing with measurements. Just thought I would share with our 68 friends.
  12. droptop

    WANTED 71-74 dash lens

    I am changing from a clock to a tach in my 71 RR. I need a clear lens that has no hole for the clock stem or a clear plastic plug that some tach cars had.
  13. droptop

    Christmas Wish List

    Tell us what you want for your cars for Christmas. I'll start.
  14. droptop

    Poor selection

    Got the 71 out to go to this car show that we go to every year on Labor Day. A black car with no a/c in 96 degree heat is not one of my brighter ideas. Had a good day, but man was that a hot ride home.
  15. droptop

    First Cruise in of the year

    Beautiful weather today, so we decided to go to a cruise in. Ran into my old friend Walt in his A12 Road Runner. Rally Green with white bench interior and a 4 speed. Awesome car.
  16. droptop

    Let's see some Gassers

    Here are a couple to start with.
  17. droptop

    Hood ornament

    Thought I would share with you all. Where's Mac been lately?
  18. droptop

    Road Runner story

    Interesting reading if you have not already read it.
  19. droptop

    Happy Halloween

  20. droptop

    Service manual

    I am having trouble opening up the service manual. I usually loads up in a couple of minutes, but not now. I waited 10 minutes and it never got past a blank page one. Can someone open it up and tell me if it is the web sight or my computer?