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  1. nevada dan

    For sale????

    What’s with everyone posting stuff off eBay I know how to look on eBay I would like to find cars and parts for sale for members by members I get tired of looking through all these reposts and give up looking for members stuff Can we keep this for members
  2. nevada dan

    Need a new oil dip stick for 383 engine

    Just put one on my hemi with headers What a pain that was Got the one with the Kevlar insulated wrap I took a piece of copper tubing and bent it to fit then used it for a template for the new one then I had to take a file to the stick to it with slide through the curves I put in it, even had...
  3. nevada dan

    four speed trans questions

    I read somewhere a long time back that the 23 spline can actually take more stress then the 18
  4. nevada dan

    What's in your garage

    Just added a lift Really freed up a lot of space
  5. nevada dan

    Gas prices and electric vehicles.

    I dont care how much it cost I'm still driving mine, and when I can't get gas anymore I'll build a still and convert them for alcohol , might drink it too
  6. nevada dan

    New from Pennsylvania

    Welcome Nice car I know how you feel, just got my toys back after raising the kids
  7. nevada dan

    69 11in Drum Brakes

    are you putting the small shoe in the front?, could be that simple
  8. nevada dan

    Out of Time

    take number 1 spark plug out, put your finger over the hole bump the starter until the compression blows by your finger then your on compression stroke, put the timing mark about 20 degrees advance , then make your rotor point at number 1 plug wire on the distributor, should fire right up and...
  9. nevada dan

    Mopar muscle

  10. nevada dan

    FBBO down?

    Ya it was down for a short time yesterday and was back on, and its been down pretty much all day today
  11. nevada dan

    part missing

    Fast easy and doesn’t dry rot
  12. nevada dan

    part missing

    I just used one of those c clip retainers , pulled the spring back clipped it on the shaft and let the spring go, been on for years
  13. nevada dan

    70 Roadrunner spoiler/wing question

    The only thing I'm positive the came on were dusters , B bodies are too wide for them and they don't have the proper mounting you will crack the sheet metal with them flexing
  14. nevada dan

    Switch panel question

    if it was original it would probably have a raised edge around it like the rest of the switch holes
  15. nevada dan

    Electronic Ignition "Orange Box."

    ya I've got 2 orange and one blue
  16. nevada dan

    Electronic Ignition "Orange Box."

    I keep a spare just for that reason , they dont cost that much , cheaper than a tow
  17. nevada dan

    Hi guys!

    welcome, if your serious they have a few roadrunners listed for sale on the site , for B bodies only
  18. nevada dan

    Won't start.....

    I ran my first roadrunner with a screwdriver and a 3 foot piece of wire for months till I got a key switch for it
  19. nevada dan

    New Member from SoCal

    nice car , black looks good on it
  20. nevada dan

    Won't start.....

    the screwdriver shortcut might of helped connect one of your grounds