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  1. ykf7b0

    Please Sir, Can I have some more?

    I believe the constitution will designate us as a constitutional republic and we are a representative democracy.
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    Please Sir, Can I have some more?

    What exactly is considered "extreme right"? And I am too an "election denier". I will never believe that biden got more vote than any president in American history. "legally". 2000 Mules explained it well for me.
  3. ykf7b0

    Oil weight

    I wouldn't recommend diesel oil to anyone with a gasoline engine especially if the engine is of the high-performance variety. Diesel oils are not formulated for rpm's of any significance as diesel engines rarely see 4000 or so.
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    What's in your garage

    Sorry for the dim photo. It was made before I got the electricity in.
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    69 Roadrunner Rear Window Interior Trim

    I need the rear window interior trim as well. If you have bought, what did you get?
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    How many of you are armed when you take out your Mopar?

    From what I understand, when the Second Amendment is used in a court of law as a defense it has never failed regardless of local laws.
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    Aftermarket Under Dash Heater

    With Fall and Winter coming on I would like to get some heat in my car for the cool nights. My street/strip 69 roadrunner doesn't have a heater box and I was thinking of buying an inexpensive aftermarket unit and trying it out. Has anyone here gone this route and if so, which unit did you...
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    How many of you are armed when you take out your Mopar?

    I don't even mow the yard without my sidearm because you never know who might show up.
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    Cannot Even Fathom......

    It is an absolute tragedy that almost half the country supports the destruction of America that we now see.
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    Cannot Even Fathom......

    It has been almost 3 years since the last post. What are your thoughts now regarding our leadership in Washington D.C.?
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    Air Cleaner Hood Clearance

    Thank you Sir!!!!
  12. ykf7b0

    Air Cleaner Hood Clearance

    I'm trying to help my friend with his 68 roadrunner with 440/727 and factory hood. He currently has a Holley 4150 and Edelbrock Torker II and can only run an air filter that looks to be no more than an inch and a half tall due to it hitting the bottom of the hood. Do any of you know of an air...
  13. ykf7b0

    roller rockers

    The juice isn't worth the squeeze. If it were my engine I wouldn't spend the money on them unless I had a roller cam set up.
  14. ykf7b0

    Need Electric Fuel Pump Recommendation

    I have just recently plugged the vacuum port on my regulator and my most recent Carter4106 is pumping great on holding my 6.5 psi setting.
  15. ykf7b0

    Need Electric Fuel Pump Recommendation

    I have a built 440 with 175 hp shot of nitrous and I need a reliable, somewhat quiet, performance electric fuel pump that will maintain 7 psi. I have tried two different Mallory Comp 140 pumps and two different Carter 4106's. The Mallory's are not reliable and and the Carter's advertise a lot...
  16. ykf7b0

    Door Seal / Weather Stripping

    I'm having trouble locating door seals/weather stripping for a friend who owns a post car. Most suppliers list it for hardtops but not post cars. My question is what are the differences in the weather stripping? Thanks!
  17. ykf7b0

    Universal Heater / Defroster

    I don't have the heater box or any of the hvac accessories/controls for my 69. I am thinking of installing a small universal unit and running heater hoses to it. I see some are available with provisions for defroster as well. I am curious if any of you have went this route for heat/defrost...
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    Parts Sources

    I really like Year One.
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    Joe Biden... coming for your guns

    Trump 2020!
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    Door mirror.

    It is manual but matches my driver side remote control mirror. I have it now installed and I did pay close attention to the vent window and the visibility from the driver seat. I didn't measure but I don't think the differences, if any, are noticeable in any way. Thanks Russ!