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  1. Terry Hauck

    Distributor advance springs

    Cool. How do I PM you?
  2. Terry Hauck

    FBO Limiter Plate

    Has anyone used this Limiter plate from FBO Ignition?
  3. Terry Hauck

    Distributor advance springs

    Hello. I am building a 440 for my 69 Roadrunner. It is a motorhome engine and it came with an extra forged steel crank. It has that crank, a 509 cam and about 10.1 comp. I have the electronic ignition that came with it in 76. Took it apart to clean and lube. It has two different springs. What do...
  4. Terry Hauck

    Mopar oil filter part number

    Very nice!! I like the rim choice and color. That has to be the most stock engine resto I've seen. Great job!! I used a 51515 on my 383.
  5. Terry Hauck

    exhaust manifold

    When I was still running the 383 with 906 heads I left all the studs in place exactly for that reason. Headers bolted right up and with no leaks.
  6. Terry Hauck

    Engine placement

    OK. I am standing in front of the car looking at the engine. To my left is the passenger seat. That is the side the engine is shifted to. So according to VRD, the engine is actually shifted to the right. I have been told it's for torque, wheel hop, and steering column room. All good reasons but...
  7. Terry Hauck

    Jumper Cables

    A guy goes into a bar with jumper cables over his shoulder. The bartender says hold on buddy, and looks him over. Then he says OK. You can come in BUI DONT START ANYTHING!!
  8. Terry Hauck

    Engine placement

    Why did Chrysler engineers shift the old classic engines a bit to the right?
  9. Terry Hauck

    buggered engine

    The 413 would be cool.
  10. Terry Hauck

    452 heads

    Yes. Like everyone said, same as a 906 with hardened valve seats. I remember way back when unleaded fuel became mandatory everyone was looking for them. They will be fine.
  11. Terry Hauck

    Engine cradle

    I used one for a BB Chevy for my 383. The bell housing bolt holes line up, but I had to use a big piece of wood to support the front. Works fine. Mine has casters too. Garage sale gold.
  12. Terry Hauck

    Too much torque??

    I'm building a mild 440 for my 69 383 4-speed Roadrunner. Some people have told me a 440 has too much torque for a stock 383 frame. They say I should weld in the torque boxes and frame connectors. This 440 has 10.1 comp and a 509 cam, maybe 450 HP. What do you guys think??
  13. Terry Hauck

    I’ve been had

    It's an aluminum 22-inch from US Radiator. Part Number: AL035219SNDZ-9. Works fine.
  14. Terry Hauck

    I’ve been had

    My 69 came with an early 383 block, but they told me it was not a numbers matching HP but it had all the HP parts. It did. It ran well, but it leaked and burned a little oil. I rebuilt it with the 906 heads, KB flattops, a bigger cam, RPM Performer intake, 650 Holley, and headers. It runs and...
  15. Terry Hauck

    Indy Cyl Head Billet Rear Main Seal Housing

    You can get the seals from Indy but they are expensive. I found a place that sells .1250 rubber cord stock for cheap but I want to be totally sure of the size first. The crank seal is Felpro. Yes the 440 is going in the Roadrunner. I wasn't really impressed with my 383. It ran strong but I want...
  16. Terry Hauck

    Indy Cyl Head Billet Rear Main Seal Housing

    I got an after market billet aluminum rear main seal housing from Indy Cylinder Heads. It worked great on my 383. I want to use it on my 440 but they want big bucks for new side seal material. I measured it at .1250 diameter rubber cord. Has anyone else had this issue and what measurement and...
  17. Terry Hauck

    440 Rods

    Here is a picture of the rods I posted about. From a 440 motorhome engine.
  18. Terry Hauck

    383 valve springs.

    I used a COMP .488/.491" from 440 Source with my stock 906 heads and it was nice in my 383.
  19. Terry Hauck

    Wiring Harness

    As a matter of fact, the seat was out when I worked mine. Much easier to access since I ain't 20 anymore and a bit heavier these days. Good suggestion.
  20. Terry Hauck

    Wiring Harness

    Yes, it's a bit more involved. On that side, the male end is crimped on and snaps into the connectors. It was a bit more work, but I removed my steering column and it was much easier to access.