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  1. Rapid Transit

    FOR SALE 1969 Plymouth Road Runner New competition hood stripe, new vinyl roof

    I hope that trunk seal is on upside down. Sure looks like it. Either that, or the one I just put on my car is.
  2. Rapid Transit

    Where do the tank vent lines go?

    So the clip must go in the top hole. It seems to be at the correct place. My car came with that long line 180 to a hole on the right side. Darned factory manuals. The stainless lines I got came from Fine Lines and it's got the same bends. And I'm pretty sure it won't work the other way. Tomorrow...
  3. Rapid Transit

    Where do the tank vent lines go?

    The short vent line came with a clip. Can't figure where it goes if not in one of the holes on the shock absorber cross member. It appears the long vent line from the trunk goes on the outboard nipple. And this short vent line goes on the inboard nipple. Inside the tank I think the outboard...
  4. Rapid Transit

    Best of show

    No excuse for being crabby to people in or about this stuff. Unless I'm dealing with an AHole. Reminds me of some local guy years ago when I had my son with me and just getting started in this hobby. I should have told the guy to go stuff a duck. Some girl came up to me and apologized for him...
  5. Rapid Transit

    Best of show

    I'm not following your time line. You went Saturday and there were no cars there that day and you went back Sunday the day of the show? Did they have any cars that were just drivers and weren't being polished all day? :lol:
  6. Rapid Transit

    FOR SALE 1969 Plymouth Road Runner coupe Air Grabber 727 TorqueFlight 4bbl 3.73 SureGrip

    Now THAT'S a pretty blue. From the pictures anyway. To bad they lost the fender tag during repaint.
  7. Rapid Transit

    Memorial Day.

    For a while people were "celebrating" Memorial day. It was creeping into popular ignorance. I first noticed it in a Macy's ad in 2004. Next about 2 years later. "Celebrate Memorial Day with a new Green Egg". Finally, I heard talk radio making the correction a couple of years ago. My father...
  8. Rapid Transit

    Love bug season

    Sometimes your the windshield. Sometimes your the bug. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windshield_phenomenon
  9. Rapid Transit

    Distributor advance springs

    He's the go to guy for distributor stuff. Just move your cursor on his name and it says "start conversation". (Or click the link I gave. Same, same).
  10. Rapid Transit

    what do you see wrong with this runner ????

    Good eye . 68 grill. A real dead eye shot. Modern country music is like modern NASCAR. Which pretty much sums up my knowledge and interest in it too. Formulamatic. (Is that a word?) But this popped up next. Keep it real. "In a big black Dodge".
  11. Rapid Transit

    Distributor advance springs

    halifaxhops has one. https://www.69roadrunner.net/mopar/members/halifaxhops.1964/
  12. Rapid Transit

    A OE Study In Contrast. (Roadkill Style)

    Those of us with low optioned budget cars may appreciate it the most. (CS Lewis' wisdom notwithstanding.)
  13. Rapid Transit

    Love bug season

    Before they woke up, I guess.
  14. Rapid Transit

    Does this quarter glass adjustment look right?

    What I was afraid of. I think I put the headliner side pieces on in the wrong "order" too. That roof trim the rubber goes in PROBABLY should go on AFTER the side headliner metal trim. There's a groove in the black painted side pieces that goes under a lip of the roof things. Had to really cram...
  15. Rapid Transit

    Does this quarter glass adjustment look right?

    I want to put the back panels on but then the adjustment screws will be covered up. Doors are completely apart and not ready to go on, so I can't check how the glass will fit to the door. This is where it is now and it looks too far forward. The "frosting" marking on the old glass look like...
  16. Rapid Transit

    got some more parts for the road runner

    In my limited experience with the windshield install on a B body, don't put the trim on till you leak check the windshield. Took me 3 times on a first gen Charger. Gaskets were a poor fit among other issues.
  17. Rapid Transit

    Overdrive on a 727?

    If you don't plan a racing anyone, my option would be changing the rear gears. Especially with the torque multiplication of an automatic transmission. Or better yet get a spare center section with different gears. I would think that's the cheapest and simplest option if it fits your needs and...
  18. Rapid Transit

    Greet and meet show.

    First, it's flattering that someone thought enough to carry on like that. In my drivers, many people that ask probably don't really even know what the car really is. Maybe a general idea, but that's it. "You want to sell that car"? "No, Do you even know what it is?" But a few that just want to...
  19. Rapid Transit

    Posting pics in PM

    I just experienced this. I'm not complaining because otherwise this site is just great. I pay a gold remembership at one of your other sites . Figure it's still supporting the group of sister sites. If you made that available here, I would move it as I don't use that site in the same way. (Or as...
  20. Rapid Transit

    Uh Oh, someone is home for the weekend

    If you could find a white Mustang, it would be good for the Independence Day parade. There probably are both around there somewhere. Parades and Mustangs. Mustangs are everywhere. Like belly buttons.