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  1. Big D A12

    Tail light housing sealant

    Below is a picture of an original paint 69 A12 RR at the tail light bezel. I hope this helps. D
  2. Big D A12

    Fender tag decode help

    Lynch Road tags read from the bottom up line 1 to 6. This is the breakdown of your tag with the current knowledge/data available on Lynch Road. Line 1 RM23 - Satellite medium price class (Roadrunner) hardtop E63 - 383 engine D21 - 4 Speed transmission 415 - Scheduled production date April 15th...
  3. Big D A12

    1969 Roadrunner

    Welcome aboard. Would you mind sharing your broadcast sheet with us? There are a lot of number junkies here that would appreciate it. D
  4. Big D A12

    Lynch Road - 1969, 70, 71, 72,73 Early/Late SPD Tags

    Team RR, Looking for some help with Lynch Road. Working on the never ending debate of first and last cars built specifically at LR. Looking for early and late SPD tags but collect any/all LR data available. Any shares are appreciated. Thanks in advance. D For example, below is the latest...
  5. Big D A12

    1969 RR Lynch Road Fender Tag Codes

    How about some date codes from it? Wiper motor and K frame are two I can see in the pictures. To answer your other question, just the interior is unique. D
  6. Big D A12

    FOR SALE Is this to good to be true?

    Guys, It's been a while since I have been here. This is the first post I open..... Complete SCAM. Below is the digital history we have from the car when it showed up in 2019 over at the A12 forum. http://a12mopar.com/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1573763667 There is a special place in hell for this...
  7. Big D A12

    A07 turnpike package

    It will be facing forward on the K frame right above the support to the bottom of the yoke under the radiator. It will be in a Julian calendar format so it will be XXXX X. The first 3 are the day of the year, the fourth the year and the fifth digit the shift. So, for example, 1639 2 is the...
  8. Big D A12

    A07 turnpike package

    I agree, the posts are factory installed. Like Roadtrip says, photo document everything. Post the other VIN numbers and photos requested as you get them. A K frame date code will help too. Good luck with your quest! D
  9. Big D A12

    A07 turnpike package

    If you want to work on your build sheet, here is a good link. While it is written specifically for 1970 Chargers, most of it applies to all 1970 B body. http://1970chargerregistry.com/Production/rt_sheet_decoder.html Enjoy! D
  10. Big D A12

    A07 turnpike package

    You have a very interesting car with a colorful history. There are several clues that will reveal what you have. What do the upper rear corners of the door windows look like? Especially the drivers door with the VIN sticker. We will figure this out with you. Regardless of this mystery, you...
  11. Big D A12

    A07 turnpike package

    How about a few pictures of the interior? Seats, door panels, and door jamb at the post. D
  12. Big D A12

    A07 turnpike package

    Interesting build sheet. 1970 codes on a 1969 format. Looks like they wanted to burn up the paper from 1969. I have an A06 dated build sheet in the same format, so not uncommon. This is an interesting car. Keep digging. Can you post the body numbers? Are the engine and transmission...
  13. Big D A12

    A12 on Craigs list original unmolested?

    The last time this car was listed, the price was $109K. It has not resurfaced since this Ebay listing. I doubt it sold, but I have seen crazy things this year with "original" cars. D https://www.ebay.com/itm/184078320110?ul_noapp=true
  14. Big D A12

    FOR SALE Big Block & Hemi Coil Wire Boot

    Richard, Thanks for bringing these to the market place. It was noticed immediately by the judging staff at MCACN. D
  15. Big D A12

    one of the first 70's made?

    Without a doubt it is a very early 1970 VIN. What does your tag say for a SPD? If you post a picture of your fender tag, there are several St Louis experts who monitor these forums and will be able to help. First one built will be tough to confirm, but possible. D
  16. Big D A12

    FOR SALE WANTED: 69 A12 Road Runner 4Spd - Original motor

    The A12 Forum does a good job of keeping track of A12 cars on the market. If you are not a member, I recommend you join. All things A12 can be found there. http://a12mopar.com/yabb/YaBB.pl D
  17. Big D A12

    2019 Mopars in the Park

    It's slowly but surely coming together for you, can't wait to see this line up at the show. A few of these remaining are a unicorn but several are common. I have my eyes open for you. D
  18. Big D A12

    FOR SALE Inner fender "Paint OK" stamp-sticker

    Good idea! The paint OK stamp is a Lynch Road inspection mark. I would like to see an original stamping in the configuration shown if available. D
  19. Big D A12

    Broadcast Sheet found

    This is very cool a previous owner would do this for you. It always pays to find them and ask the question (s). You will have to post a restored picture of your build sheet, I am curious to see the results from a company like this. Congrats on getting your build sheet back! DD
  20. Big D A12

    69 Roadrunner A21 fender tag ???

    This should help. LA and St Louis used this format. Lynch Road is completely different. These are the 3 plants that built Road Runners. D