New Orange Ignition Boxes.

Terry Hauck

Sep 6, 2017
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Mojave Desert
I recently had to replace my orange ignition box. I ordered a whole new system minus the coil and an extra box from another recommended vendor. Both of the connectors had hollow center post where the long screw attaches the 4 pin connector to. My old box is an original Chrysler type, how old I am not sure but the center post is solid and threaded where the long screw goes. When I tightened the long screw on the new ones the nut just pulled off and got stuck in the connector. I have pictures to follow. I filled in the center post with epoxy, drilled and taped it to accept the long screw. It's fine now. I also wanted to mention that the old captive nut on the left is much more substantial than the new ones. Don't throw away your old boxes just yet. You may need the nut. Most of these reproduction parts are made in China. They work but the quality is not like the original equipment. Hopes this helps some of you and Thanks for reading. Box 1.jpg nut.jpg .
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