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  1. Russ69Runner

    Painless Wiring Harness problems

    Do you have power to the ballast resistor with key in on position. Is the bulkhead connector still being used on the fire wall.
  2. Russ69Runner

    No lights-No start-Good battery!

    Buy a good load tester at Harbor freight. Takes the guess work out if they are good or bad.
  3. Russ69Runner

    No lights-No start-Good battery!

    So glad you got the problem solved Woodwiz. Sometimes things are so frustrating. But don't give up just walk away for a day or so and things fall into place. :thumbsup2:
  4. Russ69Runner

    Drivers side door jamb switch for dome light?

    Have you looked on Classic industries. Or possible Year one.
  5. Russ69Runner

    Ha Ha was just making a statement. LOL. They are better than nothing at all. Yes, the weight is...

    Ha Ha was just making a statement. LOL. They are better than nothing at all. Yes, the weight is not there. The chrome is kind of thin, but they don't look bad. Due to my original ones were pretty rusted out here and there. I and big block were just stating about spray chrome. Saw that on Gas...
  6. Russ69Runner

    440 1978

    Grate score. Cam and carb. Call 440 source and they will be able to give you a better answer.
  7. Russ69Runner

    No lights-No start-Good battery!

    Will have to check the bulkhead connector. Check the fusible link. That is where I found my no spark problem. Mine was only on the brown wire. But on the other electrical connections possible a loose connection at the connector per say. Just a thought. Don't figure no head lights. Everything...
  8. Russ69Runner

    Dont mess with a Road Runner!!

    If you never saw one that bird can really move. :beep:
  9. Russ69Runner

    1968 Sunfire yellow Road Runner

    I feel your pain. But it is all worth it when you get in pump the pedal and turn that key. Keep up the good work.
  10. Russ69Runner

    Passing gas

    Sure, is a sharp runner.:thumbsup2::beep:
  11. Russ69Runner

    Happy Hemi Day

    I want one. LOL.
  12. Russ69Runner

    Valve Covers

    When putting my intake gasket on did not put sealer on my bolts. Had leaks from day one. This time I did put liquid Teflon pipe dope on them. :lol:
  13. Russ69Runner

    Good Guys Raleigh Car Show.

    Grate job and a very nice-looking runner. :thumbsup:
  14. Russ69Runner

    72 road runner

    More information please.
  15. Russ69Runner

    Then and now.

    Welcome to the site. Glad you got another time machine. LOL. Takes us back to the days of joy.
  16. Russ69Runner

    Valve Covers

    What type of gasket are you using. May need to buy a better gasket. Where are they leaking from.
  17. Russ69Runner

    68 Road Runner value

    Paid 7 thou. for mine. Pics of the car. One of the upper and lower cowls off. Extensive Sheet metal work throughout the car. Can not list all the metal replaced it would be like a book. LOL. 383 motor rebuild also.
  18. Russ69Runner

    Rear window lower stainless steel moulding

    Trim is thin and rough to weld up. Do not think you would be happy with the results. Better off to find new trim. Maybe AMD has it. Know it will not be quite as the same sometimes. But could be happy with it.