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  1. peresvet24

    center console yes or no

    With console looks better:thumbsup:
  2. peresvet24

    Paint Jail

    Awesome paint job
  3. peresvet24

    What's in your garage

    Yes looks like Volvo
  4. peresvet24

    Looking for my Vitamin C 440 6BBL RR

    Welcome aboard!
  5. peresvet24

    What's in your garage

    Bob I think 440 is much better than Hemi! but hemi is an icon something very desirable for many mopar lovers
  6. peresvet24

    Greetings from the Motor City

    these are European standard garages
  7. peresvet24

    Greetings from the Motor City

    Welcome aboard! Nice runner:thumbsup:
  8. peresvet24

    Happy Birthday!!! Ray,

    Happy Birthday!!! Ray,
  9. peresvet24

    What's in your garage

    It's a Soviet Union 1988 Wolga Gaz 3102 2.5 liter 4 cillynder
  10. peresvet24

    What's in your garage

    My classic car
  11. peresvet24

    New from AZ

    I see 8 track radio ??
  12. peresvet24

    Old new guy in Ohio

    Welcome aboard!
  13. peresvet24

    New from AZ

    Welcome aboard! Nice runner
  14. peresvet24

    Hawaiian Mopar

  15. peresvet24

    Birthday gift of my dreams

  16. peresvet24

    New Member

  17. peresvet24

    New from Pennsylvania

    Welcome to the site!
  18. peresvet24

    Hello everyone

    Welcome from Moldova
  19. peresvet24

    Got the Roadrunner today!

    Welcome aboard!
  20. peresvet24

    Looking at your runner.

    Nice cars! I always have fun when I visit this site :beep: