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  1. rt-man

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    Nov 1, 2016
    Hello. Long time Mopar lover and owner. I've owned a '70 Duster, '70 Charger R/T SE and a '72 Satellite Sebring (RR/GTX clone). Recently totaled the Satellite :blue: so am now hunting for a new car to enjoy. I'd love to enjoy a Roadrunner for this time around. Criteria:

    - looking for a clean driver, not a perfect restoration.
    - project car days are behind me; turn-key is what I'm after
    - numbers matching is not important, but lack of rust is. Original body panels are important. As much originality is the best.
    - options are not key, though an airgrabber car would be a blast.
    - I'm a graybeard, hope you are, too.
    - not a flipper. I owned the Satellite for 11 years, the Charger for 5 (had to put a new roof on the house).

    I'd sure like to tell you how much I'm willing to pay, but I'll leave that up to negotiations. If you're reasonable then so am I.

    Thanks. Hope to hear from you!
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  2. bschomske

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    Jun 14, 2016
    Rochester, New York
    Are you still in the market for a car? My car can be seen buy going under the garage part of web site under "orange is the new black" I would sell for 35K

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