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    Apr 18, 2018
    Attched is a picture of my fender tag. Question I have is my car has the correct B5 exterior and B5 interior but the hood is flat black with a black vinyl top. I believe this is factory a white striped car-V6W with white top V1W but I cannot find a pic of another car with these combinations? Also is there anything else in this tag that makes the car more valuable? Thanks

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    In no particular order...

    The "A14" indicates it is a "Spring Special". According to the GG White book the A14 Road Runner Spring Special package included: Vinyl roof, chrome styled road wheels, belt mouldings, performance hood paint, sport stripes, sure-grip differential, and Fiberglass belted RWL tires F70-14. Your top is supposed to be white per the "V1W" code.
    Your interior color is B7, not B5. This is actually the paint code for the tops and bottoms of the door frames and corresponding rear trim pieces. The M6B calls out the blue vinyl interior.
    The "V21" code is the Performance Hood Treatment - which means the textured organisol stripes on the hood and tops of the fenders.
    Looks like you have the rest of it figured out already.

    "More Valuable" is a relative thing. Any car's value is strictly whatever the next owner is willing to pay for it. Convertibles, A12s, and Hemis command more money. Beyond those three variables, value (to me anyway) is more driven by condition than anything else, including FT codes. JMHO.

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