FOR SALE 70 B-Body Disc Brake Metering Valve Cover

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    Jan 7, 2017
    We have just finished these up for the 70 B-Body disc brake metering valve covers. Almost impossible to find even in a used condition and if found, they are selling for hundreds of dollars. Correct in all details, this is one of those small detail items that many high end restorations are missing. If you are striving to correctly detail a 70 B-Body disc brake car, then this is one of those items that you may need.

    This item retails at $69.95 and shipping within the continental US will be covered through USPS.

    If any questions, please drop me a message. This part will be shipped from North Georgia.


    70 Disc Brake Cover 11_23_19.jpg

    70 Disc Brake Cover 11_23_19_A.jpg

    70 Disc Brake Valve Cover 1A.jpg
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