Alternator Question


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Aug 4, 2016
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Lake Wales Fl.
Ok I know this has been beat to death. But here goes the question. I am putting the by pass wire form the alt to the starter relay as suggested in old forum's. Now the amp meter gauge will read what. Or will it read the amp's at all. I see Summit sell's a regulator for the square back alt that is suppose to solve the two field alt problem. But my Starter and alt guy's say's just ground one field to a good ground. Then it should work fine. Any thought's on this would appreciate it. Read a post on charger forum and the guy had drawn up a diagram of increasing the wire size to some application's should that be done. Or dose doing the wiring to the start relay work fine with out increasing wire size under dash. Going to power up the system this week. Just don't have head light's hooked up yet. Want to start the car and test some of the circuits. Thanks.