Battery hot cable.


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Aug 4, 2016
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Lake Wales Fl.
Here is one for the books. Got my cable off E bay for 54 dollars. The car worked fine for over 2000 miles. Then on a trip up to a friend's house stopped at a store to get coffee. Got back in the car and all I got was a click sound. Thanks to a guy and I pushed the car back and I was up hill and started it. Got too my fiends place and we swapped the starter. Got the car going. So forward weeks later jumped into the car after making the cable longer for the mini starter. It did the same thing. So, checking the terminals at the battery noticed the cable for the starter was moving in and out some on the positive lead. Shoved it froward into the connector and the car started. This cable was stamped pressed into the terminal. So got my large vice grips and crimped the terminal down on to the cable better. Just to help anyone out there that might have the same problem. Just to add the cable was short and had to pull it tight so it would hook up to the mini starter. Got another cable and cut it and spliced it into the other cable so it would not run over the steering column.