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    Dec 7, 2017
    I met this kind of strange cat today. I'm at the Amoco station just outside of West Chester, PA on Route 3 filling up for the drive out to Lansdale tomorrow early for the All Mopar Show. Spent the better part of the day working on the Runner fixing some annoying little issues and getting it all shined up for the show. So it was at its best at the Gas station this afternoon.

    I typically get comments from people all the time, so this part of the story isn't so unusual. As I'm pulling out of my gas space, coming out of the Convivence store is this dude in faded cut off overall's, cut way to short, I mean it was border line bizarre, booty pants bizarre. I didn't think much of it, I don't judge, and hey if he thinks he looks good, who am I to question him.

    He's headed to this beat up old dodge van, looks like someone beat all over it with a tire iron. He's got what appears to be an age appropriate lady friend in the passenger seat. They look maybe 70? He stops me as he's walking to his van and starts right in talking about the car and is giving it the once over. We spoke for a few minutes, he clearly knew Roadrunners. He wanted to know if it was a 4-speed car, "no" I replied. "Its the 727 column shift". With that he seemed impressed that I knew this fact and told me that maybe I should have his name and points to his license plate which reads: "Dr. Mopar"

    I chuckled and told him I'm a novice at best and not worthy of this plate/title, and as I'm parting he asked me if I'm going to Carlisle, I said probably not, told him I went last year and was one of the featured cars for the roadrunner 50th anniversary party. He calls out as I'm leaving that he has a consul and shifter for my car if I ever need it.

    Curious I googled him, there are some references, but nothing really that would point me to him specfically. Any of you guys run into this cat? He was pretty cool despite the outfit.
  2. Russ69Runner

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    Aug 4, 2016
    Lake Wales Fl.
    One of those Twilight Zone moment's. No not age the show. Never know who you will run into. :lol: They want a fortune for old consoles on E bay. Most are pretty beat up so Getting new is the best answer.

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