Found my first Road Runner for sale with a video


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Nov 25, 2008
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Sometown in KY

It needed a full, and i mean full, restoration. A solid GA car with typical southern rust and numbers matching, it was a great candidate. I tore into it and completely
reworked the suspension, brakes, and gathered up parts for a serious pump gas build. While quite pedestrian by today's standards, the 451 package was stout for the late 90s-00s and for the budget i was working with.

Depending on the convertor they went with, that should scoot pretty good. The Dana was rebuilt. The brakes are the big 11.75 rotor setup with pin type calipers. The k bar i swapped for a 70 up. Im puzzled as to why somebody scrapped the adjustable proportioning valve. The guy in the video talks how good it stops, but i had it to where you could dial the rear to whatever was best. Worked great when it left me.

I wont claim credit for some of the customish things they did, but the car does look pretty nice overall. If anybody ever wants to know a lot more details, i will be glad to speak with whomever.

I lost heart for the project when my dad died in 2000 and within a couple years i decided between his connection to the project and the body shop hell it had been trapped in, it was time to move on. The car was finally done up in epoxy primer and was drivable to a degree with the original 383. The trans was fresh, but not acting right. When a 68 Charger 4 speed with Dana came up as a straight trade, i elected to go with the finished car in exchange for the runner and associated parts.

I was leaning for b5 though. Oem it came F5. It did turn up about ten years ago for sale in FL as "rust free original metal." Its not a rot box, but saying that is total fabrication and an inspection will reveal the patches. I posted an alert and a doctor down there contacted me saying he would sue. Lol, good luck with that. He and the car disappeared until now when it looks to have made it to Michigan.

Sadly it still looks to be for sale by another dealer after this one, like one flipper after another keeps getting ahold of it. Maybe its nomad days will end once somebody that appreciates the eclectic touches comes across it. Maybe a dash swap by the next guy has created some concern where there shouldn't be? The numbers engine is likely still around the fellow i traded. The fender tag went MIA somewhere between me and him.

So there you have it, the story of a goner that did get saved.