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    I thought I would take this chance to explain how PMs now work.

    First, PMs are now called "Conversations" -
    This big difference is that before, each message was separate. Now each message is part of an ongoing conversation, sort of like a private thread between you and the other member only.

    How to send someone a private message
    There are 2 ways to send another member a PM.

    First, if you hover over INBOX on the top right, there will be a link to "Start a New Conversation", which if you click, brings you to a Message screen where you can name the member you want to have a private conversation with and write the first message to that person.

    The second way, is from a post. If you click the user's name that you want to have a private conversation with, a panel comes up that includes a link to "Start a Conversation"
    with that person.


    Easy and Simple. :)

    How to Delete Conversations
    You don't actually delete conversations, you "Leave" them.

    There are 2 ways to do this.
    First way, from your list of conversations, simply click the checkbox of whichever conversations you want to leave. You can select multiple conversations if you like.

    A box will come up that gives you several options where you can leave the conversations, mark them unread, mark them read, etc.


    You can also leave a conversation right from the conversation itself by clicking the link on the top right of the conversation.


    How conversations are counted and how many you can have:
    Members can have 10 conversations at any given time. Once you 'leave' a conversation, its no longer in your mailbox and is no longer counted on your total.
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