Looking for help decoding data tag

Scott Kuntz

Oct 12, 2018
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I'm restoring a 69 rr for a customer. I done alittle research on the tag but not sure if I've got it all right. The car has been sitting since 79, it is a 383, air grabber, auto on the column, ps, it has a vinil bench and a dark green vinil top. The car is dark green with original paint and primer over the original paint, the car was pretty rusty and someone started some poor repairs at one time. I found remains of a side stripe on the inside of the doors and fenders, the rest was already removed. I'm sanding and buffing the car now getting ready to go together. I'm just waiting a second opinion on tag from someone with more knowledge than myself. Just want to put hood stripes on it if needed and any other items for original. I have a few other questions also, interior color, I've seen several different greens, how do I know which one I had for correct carpet and color match, etc. This is my first restore on a chrysler product. Any help would be great thanks