TF 727 seals replaced

Transmission and Drivetrain

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    Oct 6, 2013

    Here is a YOUTUBE five minute video of the work I just finished on my 1969 RR. The "TCI" tranny and "T/C" ONLY had 1100 miles on it when the torque converter started to leak at the welds. TCI was honorable enough to replace the T/C even though it was past the one year warranty.

    This video is a compilation of all the pictures I took and are NOT in any certain order. I made stands and a table to suspend the transmission and everything worked out GREAT. This is my FIRST time working on a MOPAR vehicle.

    Did I mention that the 1969 RR is my FAVORITE car of all time. Ever since I looked at my partner's POSTER in while stationed in Germany in 1969. My enlistment ended October 1969. That was the year the '69 RR was "Motor Trend Car of the Year". I got BRAINED WASHED looking at that poster and have wanted one ever since.

    I'm NOT into a NUMBERS correct car........"been there, done that" when I restored a 1957 Corvette and took "NCRS" TOP FLIGHT first time up. The car now is "living the life of Riley" in the French Riviera.

    First thing I did to my RR is replaced the 4 speed for a "TCI" street fighter TF727.................I have the FENDER TAG but not the power train. The TF727 is off of a 1977 vehicle and the motor is a 1972 400CID.

    I plan on slowly building this monster to my licking. Front disc brakes; new interior and possibly cut outs are future possibilities..................

    The video has COPY RIGHT violations so some of you will most likely NOT be able to view it. Let me know if you can't...............

    Thanks again for all the help,

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    Aug 30, 2013
    Looks good

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    Aug 4, 2016
    Lake Wales Fl.
    Bad to the bone dude. But where are the babes and beer. Oh that is another time. Did a good job just kidding on babes and beer. :acme: Russ.

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