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  1. oscar holland

    oscar holland Well-Known Member

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    Nov 18, 2018
    Working on my wiper
    Motor it works on 3 speeds only the home
    Switch is not working anyone a drawing of the internal? Took it apart have some pictures but it is not going back to park
    Not sure how the switch works it start turning anti clock wise when operated manual
  2. Rapid Transit

    Rapid Transit Just A Traveler In Time

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    Feb 9, 2015
    I'm not an expert and the only one I've had apart looks like this.

    So you have a 3 speed that doesn't work?


    Unfortunately it seems the wiper system was sort of an afterthought in all the factory prints I've seen.
    They MAY not even match the car they stop sort of showing us what is going on inside.
    What I can tell you is I believe that stop circuit simply switches the power through a brass plate inside the flat portion attached to the gear and it opens when reaching the set stop position.
    You may have figured that out already.
    A factory manual should tell how to test the interior's switch and you can go from there.

    I ordered a gear from this place and the seller really seemed to know his stuff as far as getting me the correct part.


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