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  1. stuka1166

    WANTED Trunk light switch and corresponding light socket

    I actually bought the switch on ebay, and a harness from a fellow on the b-body forum
  2. stuka1166

    WANTED Trunk light switch and corresponding light socket

    Russ- I ended up buying 2...So I have 1 to sell you if needed ? Jim
  3. stuka1166

    WANTED Trunk light switch and corresponding light socket

    Can you give me the ebay number so I can look it up ?? Thanks !!
  4. stuka1166

    Production Info.

    Is there a source out there, to find the production numbers on a 69' RR, Coupe, N96, R4, 4 SPD car ?? Thanks !!
  5. stuka1166

    WANTED Trunk light switch and corresponding light socket

    Hello All - Looking for a trunk light switch and corresponding light socket, for my 69' RR. Thanks !!
  6. stuka1166

    Steel Wheel/Tire Options...

    Cool … Thanks !!!
  7. stuka1166

    Steel Wheel/Tire Options...

    Thanks so much !!! Any truth to left handed threads on the wheels studs on 69' RR's ??
  8. stuka1166

    Steel Wheel/Tire Options...

    Hello all...Wanting to go with new steel wheels/tires for my RR. I will eventually put disk brakes on the front. I am thinking 15X8 with 4.5" backspace in the rear, with 275/60/15 tires and 15X6 with 3.75" backspace in the front, with 225/60/15 tires...Will I have any fitment issues ?? Thanks...
  9. stuka1166

    SOLD 1968 Plymouth Road Runner

    1968 Plymouth Road Runner Build date: 12/1/1967 Lynch Rd. Plant in Detroit, MI RM21/Post Car (Coupe) Non-Décor Package (No Trunk Finish Panel-No Horn Ring) Radio Delete Matador Red (PP1)…Repainted (No Date) Interior: Black/Restored (12/2015) (New) Headliner-Trim (New) Dash Pad...
  10. stuka1166

    SOLD Chrome Air Cleaner Assembly/383 Super Commando

    Chrome Air Cleaner Assembly 383 Super Commando Tin Mounting Stud/Wingnut $100.00 TYD...CONUS
  11. stuka1166

    It's been a while...let's see your road Runners

    Just before I put it away...
  12. stuka1166

    SOLD (4) Plymouth Hub Caps...

    (4) Plymouth "Poverty Caps" Excellent Condition... Ø 9.00in. $125.00 TYD in CONUS Thanks !!
  13. stuka1166

    SOLD 1968 Road Runner...

    I am going to mark this thread as sold...So I can relist it with new pics and info from the recent updates.
  14. stuka1166

    SOLD 1968 Road Runner...

    Have had some interest in the car, so I thought I would post an update. ALL of the previous issues have been taken care and then some !!! In a nutshell, interior restored (gauges, headliner) new switches, trim, a-pillar, pedal pads, dash pad and new tach installed) new lighting harness...
  15. stuka1166

    SOLD 1968 Road Runner...

    No sir...I bought the car in New York.
  16. stuka1166

    SOLD 1968 Road Runner...

    Off the market til spring...Doing some work on it.
  17. stuka1166

    SOLD 741 Case/3.91/Sure Grip/7290Yoke...

    For Sale: 741 Case 3.91 Gear Sure Grip 7290 Yoke (Large) Pulled this out last week...It works, but it whines approx. 35-55 mph. $350.00 plus shipping from 48433 Thanks !!
  18. stuka1166

    WANTED Looking for factory steel oem wheels/caps/tires 68' RR...Thanks !!

    Looking for factory steel oem wheels/caps/tires for 68' RR...I "believe" P205/75/14 is the correct size ?? Thanks !!