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    Jun 23, 2019
    Minot, ME
    :usflag:War has not been declared by this country since WWII. Can you imagine this current complete group of bumbling idiots doing as such. I haven’t forgot the last Bush either, his doing with the increase in terrorism here; check and balance was done away with over there forever.

    I can’t imagine going to war at the say so of that bunch and dying for their decision based on their wisdom???? Viet-Nam again was a perfect storm. First Kennedy then Johnson, Nixon. I was a bit naive in those days too, I have no trust, respect or confidence in any of them. What do they care, nothing from their pockets? Seems payback there has occurred more or less......

    But guess what? The same ones will be there year after year, they keep getting voted in by the public. The American way of coarse......
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    Aug 4, 2016
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    The thing about the Viet-Nam War was a population decrease motive. Job's where scares and the economy was bad. Plus it was a way to get rid of the real true American. So they could bring in a hole new group of people that did not really stand for what we do. Now look at to day after over 50 year's of teaching our children in public schools with out religion and the respect of our grate nation has wroth. Burn the flag. Up hold communistic thought's. Don't want to work and every thing should be free. Wish I had all of them in a fox hole and could see how people live in country's that have socialism. They only show what they want you to see. I agree that the people we have in office are the problem. If they had to fight the war them selves then their would not be any war's. The biggest thing is money if you want to run for office you have to be worth so much money. Even as an county commissioner in my state of Fla. The root of all evil is money. Having money dose not make for a good person or even well educated. They do not have our interest in mind. They can serve two year's in office and make more than the average man that has worked all his life for a pension. What is right about that. It is because we the people have allowed this to go on and they pass bill's in the middle of the night while we are sleeping or at work trying to achieve the American dream. :usflag:
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