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  1. 1968 plymouth first time back in Calif

    1968 plymouth first time back in Calif

  2. 1968 road runner

    1968 road runner

  3. 1968 Plymouth in VEgas

    1968 Plymouth in VEgas

  4. 1968 Plymouth

    1968 Plymouth

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    90 No Ethanol

    Even in my small 4 stroke marine engine I have moisture issues as mentioned, storing our non daily drivers the fuel here in USSR California, it leaves such an extreme coating on carbs, nothing seems to cut it to clean, Using StarTron and StaBil seem to be one method, yet it still...
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    I like the idea of a rev limiter ( only when others drag race my B bodies) . Does the aftermarket MOPAR OEM direct connection converstion kit truly retard the spark at high rpm, When I ran SS/IA I never had failure at Fremont drags in 74, I did punch many rockers with push rods...
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    Fuel return line?

    Thanks ! THANK YOU That does make sense,.
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    Desert Valley Kings

    wasn't the boyd guy a complete CLOWN, I woul dnever treat my employees that way, GLAD its off the air, and sorry he is dead, at one time he did do nice unique stuff, but became commercial, and sold his wheel business as they were going broke, to American
  9. Irvington High Schools Day 1975 Fremont, CA

    Irvington High Schools Day 1975 Fremont, CA

    WE started a Street machine and drag club, as unofficial high school club, at Irvington High Fremont, Ca in 1974 , as many guys didn't like to be known as jocks, we filled a niche for many . The club grew to over 200 members, and still is active today
  10. 1968 RoadRunner 1974

    1968 RoadRunner 1974

    Championship at FREMONT DRAGS aka BAYLANDS in Fremont, Ca
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    Hood inserts

    I have always seen them painted orange/red if the air grabber was used, and BLACK if they were 'delete' solid
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    Fuel return line?

    Where does the 1/4" return line connect TO at the fuel pump area? I have seen fule filters with a tee post connector, yet I wonder if its before the pump or after, if after wouldn't it never build up pressure, if before pump wouldn't it suck air in if its a vent line from the tank?
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    why not use the MOPAR electronic convert kit
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    Disc Brake kits - Which one do you recommend?

    master parts are WAY to expensive, try justright
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    Disc Brake kits - Which one do you recommend?

    I used Mopar kit to convert my 69 GTX and 70 charger from